A Sense of Self

In 2022, despair knocked my sense of self back through seven decades. I survived the failure of my novel, Michel-Michelle, launched in the Irish Writer’s Centre in Dublin, while Covid lurked quietly out of the limelight. I  managed my way through cocooning and lockdown by pursuing the dream of a native woodland in Donegal. Ukrainian refugees in Donegal helped me through the worst patches in 2022. Sprengelhaus in Berlin kept going through it all inspiring me to continue my search for hope by journeying there. An alphabet exploring despair emerged as I searched for a stronger sense of self to face the future. I plan to share my alphabet on my blog  in 2023  in the hope of dialogue with you thorugh the Wood Wide Web.

The Sense of Self Alphabet will explore:

Age and Androgyny

Bisexuality, Ego and Eco

Celibate and the void

Drag and the Agenda 21 Deadlne

Equality and Environment

Feisty Femininism with Jaya

Gay Liberation with GCN and Anthony Peppiatt

Heterosexual and Homosexual and the Holy Halls

Intersex, inequailities,HRH Princess Anne, Claire Nuer and Anisa

Joy and Jealousy

Kaleidescope with the Goddess at Greenham Common

Lesbians and honouring Luchia Fitzgerald

Men, Myths and Saint Brigid

Non-binary Ulster

Other and Stumbling Blocks

Padres of Patriarchy

Queer, Poly labels

Rationale and Religion

Sex and Sense of Berlin CityScape

Terms, Travellers and Anisa

Understanding, Us, and Unilever

Virgin and Victorina Press

Women Writer

X for the fear of polarisation  is back

Y  for male and female parts of trees

Zwitter and gender fluidity in trees and facing my seven disappointments

6 thoughts on “A Sense of Self

  1. Dear Margo, I’d be happy to participate to your blog next year. For now I wish you and Schorse all the best for the Christmas break and a good start in 2023, I guess we’ll see us in early January. All the Best Marcus


  2. That is a hefty alphabet to get through! It should lead to some interesting conversations, so please count me in. For now we wish you and Schorse a good Christmas and and a better 2023. May that woodland grow tall and straight and survive. We value your friendship and the time we spend together. With love Carol and Philippe

  3. Dear Margot,

    I subscribed to this after sitting next to you on a plane to Bremen years ago and having coffee at the train station after. Hope you‘re doing well after all. As a queer person myself I am very much looking forward to your alphabet.

    Hope your holidays are quiet or exciting – whichever is needed. Alexander

  4. Uff, Margo, that sounds tough to me! I hope there is also some laughing (at ourselves) included.
    I am very curious and looking forward to the blogs

  5. A tad more that ‘A is for Apple’ then! I await the blogs with anticipation and curiosity. A toast to 2023 and surviving it.
    Patricia x

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