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River Termon runs under the bridge marking the border Rivers and wildlife cross the border. There are more than 208 border crossings between Northern Ireland in the UK and the Republic of Ireland with more crossing points than any other #EU external border since #Brexit. Many of these are marked by fields, bog, waterways.

Austropotamobius pallipes (white-clawed crayfish) is a rare European species. Who protects endangered species, salmon spawning, eels etc. along the border after Brexit? Since #Brexit #Donegal urgently needs to work out how to co-operate with the rest Ulster on the landscape and wildlife which straddles the border.

In the in-between place which blurs the binary jurisdictions, there are glimpses of hope. The slow stir of culture can release a blend of other places and other times and other people in our consciousness. Places where we can meet the other. Places where we can tune into the rivers and diversity of wildlife. Like the crayfish, the eels, the salmon, and the birds some of us belong to both sides of the border.

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