Women’s Coalition

Cross-community initiatives celebrated by the NI Women’s Coalition continue but success has been restricted by high news-grabbing polarised politics and manipulation. #Brexit threatens the fragile #Belfast Peace Agreement of 1998. Would #British and #Irish politicians have succeeded in drawing up the Agreement without the vision and graft of the Women’s Coalition in the background in the 1990’s? There is more to culture than the content of media headlines. Women writers and activists are worthy of more recognition, especially in the decades of the #Ulster Border. Women writers explore beyond the US versus THEM of Irish Nationalist versus Ulster Loyalist.

Derry poet, Colette Bryce voices the complex experience of those who grew up during the “Troubles”. Her poem “-Don’t speak to the Brits, just pretend they don’t exist”  expresses the everyday contradictions in the mix of Derry, Donegal Gaeltacht, and Dublin life.(www.colettebryce.com)

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