Ulster Border Five

Shadow of the past

#Ulsterborder has a history of violence with disagreement over the implementation of the treaty creating #IrishPartition. Between 1916 and 1921 disagreement about whether part of Ireland should remain British caused a savage civil war between different Irish factions which is still reflected in political divisions in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland today. To end the civil war a treaty between the British Government and the Irish Government agreed partition but the Irish Constitution continued to lay claim to the six counties in Northern Ireland fostering hope to 32 county Nationalists and harbouring fear in NI Unionists. This Monument in #Pettigo on the #Donegal #Fermanagh border was erected to members of the IRA killed by British Army in 1922. Violence has simmered and erupted ever since. An IRA #BorderCampaign in 1956  seeking to end #IrishPartition petered out and violence dissipated until the demands for equal Civil Rights in the late 1960’s were hijacked by Nationalist and Loyalist paramilitaries and politicians who supported them. Darach MacDonald’s Hard Border: Walking through a Century of Irish Partition (2018) and Henry Patterson’s Ireland’s Violent Frontier(2013) give some historical background.

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