Giant Steps

Footprints on #Ulster EU border observed in Donegal bogland can be traced to several giants including Amazon. Giant carbon footprint ignores fragility of bog and causes tons of peat to slide accross the #EUborder between Donegal and Tyrone. #DAERA #Agenda21/30

The Giants have attacked Peat, our big, brown, soggy friend who is a mighty help in the fight against climate change. Peat stores carbon and when our friend, Peat, is disturbed, it loses the power to store carbon and can release dangerous gases into the air. The Giants claim there is no immediate threat to public health but your children and grandchildren may tell a different story as the extremes of climate change hit them. Planning approval went ahead although the Irish National Parks and Wildlife service identified the area as important to biodiversity. The Peat slide has put salmon spawning sites protected by the EU before #Brexit in danger.Another friend, the Hen Harrier, who lives here, was once widespread throughout Ireland but is now one of our rarest breeding bird species. Promises to take care of the environment have been broken in five Giant steps from 2016 to 2020. What will we do in 2021?

Short story in five Giant Steps:

2016 An application for a 49-turbine windfarm at Meenbog in Donegal was refused by Donegal County Council.

2017 In a case taken to the High Court by Planree Ltd., Donegal County Council lost the right to zone the area as “not open to consideration to wind farm development” because of its proven environmental sensitivity.

2018: Irish Government Department grants approval for 19-turbine windfarm despite community opposition and concern for wildlife.

2019 #Amazon commits to buying energy from Meenbog wind farm in Donegal. Did windfarm owner Invis Engergy take steps to protect Peat or wildlife?

2020: Environmental disaster in Meenbog, Donegal with tons of peat from bog sliding into rivers crossing the border, with destruction of habitat including one of the few remaining sites for salmon spawning.

Drastic action is needed on Donegal-Tyrone border. What will happen in 2021?

Thanks to Shauna Corr of for her article highlighting concerns.

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