Belonging to Donegal

Heimat conjures up a sense of belonging – often formless and incoherent. Examining Heimat has raised questions not only of identity but of consciousness. While living in England, France and Belgium, Donegal was the place which fed my fantasies and dreams. Now when I weed the mighty garden of realisation of those dreams, it is the place which feeds my sub-conscious. There is resistance to bringing those formless emotions of attachment to this hillside and this view of the sea to the surface. My social media monologue is resistance to that resistance.

2 thoughts on “Belonging to Donegal

  1. Hello Margo. I don’t know if you will remember me, but I came to live in Lancaster in 1976. I had 2 children , Renata & Lee. I came across you todsy because as always, my mind wonders to people who I’ve met over the years & wondered where are they now. I was looking up the name Margaret coulson & came across the obituary I suppose of her passing. This greatly shocked & upset me knowing that she had passed on. The written piece about her was heart warming and informative , so thank you for that. A little info about me from over the years. I trained to be a social worker @ Preston Poly. Di Gowland was my mentor. After qualifying I moveed to Leeds to work in a Black woman’s refuge. Then i went into social work, which I did for 26years. I took early retirement and now make jams, chutney’s etc & sell @ Farmers markets & Food fares. How about you, did you make a career out writing or did you continue you in community work? I noticed Pip Scott’s name as well as Di Gowlands name in the piece about Margaret. If you are still in touch with them, could you please say hello to them from me. Thank you.

    • Dear Natalie, Our thoughts must have crossed. Of course I remember you. The main reason I started this Blog is to make connections with people who were important to me and to the networks I belonged too. I have found your email and will send you contact details. Best wishes, Margo

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