Ulster Border Fifteen

Small roads with stone bridges criss-cross the hills between #Donegal and #Tyrone.Many roads and bridges to Castlederg on the #Ulsterborder between Donegal, Fermanagh and Tyrone were closed during  the “Troubles”. #MichellGallen, a writer who grew up in Castlederg in #Tyrone, articulates a 21st century perspective on bridges in her novel, Big Girl small Town. Her main character, Majella, reflects on the lack of bridge-building between communities forced apart by violence. Bridge building is “complicated by the fact that although most people could see the need for rebuilding the literal bridges, no one had an eye for invisible bridges.” Majella’s unshared thought of drawbridges as a solution to this problem makes dark humour from the besieged feeling of many communities close to the #UlsterBorder”. How will we cope with a border here as #Brexit divides Ulster once again?

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