Antz danced into my dreams last night unannouned and vanished in a split screen leaving only a strip of his eyes bright against black. Later my phone beeped his birthday. I relive the intensity of the personal as political with memories of Letraset for Outcome magazine in the pre-computer 70’s; canal walks in Lancaster; earthy-arty laughter. His eyes help me find the cracks to let the light in.

3 thoughts on “antz

    • Hi Carol, I wrote a piece after Antz’ death and shared it around but I deem it unfit for public consumption at the moment. I just wanted to share how he is in my consciousness in a dynamic way and his impact on me did not end when he died. Margo

      • Was he your father in law? How do you spell your husband’s name?
        The impact of people we love stays with us and leaves us, hopefully better for knowing them.

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